Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


This is a bilingual poetry book for young children. Both poems are taken from Level One of Reading Logically, so the English translations are appropriate for very early readers. There are two poems in the book; one has 20 lines, and the other has 12 lines. Every line of the poems is illustrated in bright colors. A simple, one-page, illustrated, bilingual vocabulary list follows each poem. Because of the large, brightly-colored illustrations, pre-schoolers will also enjoy this book. This book is also available in English only.

Available in Bilingual English/Spanish

or in English only


40 pages


8.5" X 8.5"

Grandma's Wig and Grandpa's Hat
La Peluca de Abuela y El Sombrero de Abuelo
by Mary Humpal Bain           



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43 pages


8.5" X 8.5"

Silly Little Poems
by Mary Humpal Bain            Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


Silly Little Poems is a children’s book of poems with a twist! Each of the 23 poems has one large, black-and-white illustration, several of which are easy for very young children to color. Many of the poems also have the same, but smaller, illustration, so that two children can enjoy the same poems and coloring activities. (Or one child can color both!)
Older children will be able to read the poems themselves, while the younger ones will enjoy having the poems read to them. Those children who have used the Reading Logically reading program will enjoy seeing familiar illustrations, and hearing the new poems.
As the children progress through the book, and color the pictures, they will create their own unique keepsakes. This book would also make a wonderful gift for grandparents. The pages are crisp, white, good-quality paper.

Illustrated Children's Poems!