Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


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"Rising Sun" follows the explaination that, although "ie" sometimes makes the long "i" sound, it usually makes the long "e" sound. There are fourteen different words in the story, giving the student plenty of opportunities to practice the new skill.

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Tables are organized to expose the student to several words that have the same ending sound, thereby building reading fluency. Poems help, too!

Lesson Ninety-Six below is one of the lessons that teaches words in which both vowels are pronounced. Following the table with pronunciations, is a short, silly story that has more than twenty-five words that give immediate practice. In addition, the vowels are in bold type to assist the student.

Immediate use of words increases retention of the concepts taught in the lesson. Below is a partial lesson.


Nicely-Detailed Illustrations!

Phonics-Based Lessons!

Immediately after this lesson, and the table that lists several words in which the "ea" makes a short "e" sound, the story gives practice in this new skill, using eight different words. There are also five different words ending in "ies" that help to reinforce previous lessons.

Enjoyable Stories give Immediate Concentrated Practice following the lessons!

Below is a partial lesson, giving examples of the different sounds that "ow" makes.


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Crossword Puzzles, Poems, Animal Riddles, Stories, Synonyms and Antonyms, and more!

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