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The table below shows part of the instructions in Lesson 80. After the concepts are explained, there are enjoyable stories to practice the new skill.

Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal



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Below are short excepts from three lessons that deal with past-tense verbs.

                      What's covered in Level Four? 

Enjoyable Stories give Immediate Concentrated Practice following the lessons!

         Excerpts from Reading Logically
               Level Four, Challenges

Cute Illustrations add Enjoyment!


Handy Tables help the student understand the concepts!


197 pages


8 X 10

"Grace in the Sticker Patch" follows Lesson 61 that teaches words ending in "tch." Lesson 54 taught words  ending in "ck." There are more than 10 words ending in "tch," and more than 20 ending in "ck," giving  concentrated practice in those concepts.

                      Is your child ready for Level Four? 

This little story concentrates on words with the two different sounds "ng" can make, when combined with other letters.

This is the story in Lesson 80, and gives practice with words that end in "ier," "iest," and "ily." In addition, a few words ending in "tion" and "ous" from previous lessons, are also included, giving additional practice.

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Just for Fun Activities reinforce the lessons!

Crossword Puzzles, Poems, Animal Riddles, Stories, Synonyms and Antonyms, and more!

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