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142 pages


8 X 10

These poems are from the Just for Fun! section of the book. This section provides additional practice with many different activities. Crossword puzzles, synonyms and antonyms, alliteration, poems, and stories help to reinforce the lessons.

Enjoyable Stories offer immediate practice and reinforcement!

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Lesson Fourteen gives practice with the long "e" sound, with the words bee, see, he, Lee, we, and she. There are also some words starting with "wh." (when and where. Lesson Fifteen gives more practice and exposes the student to more words, including green, meet, seen, and why.

Excerpts from Reading Logically
Level One, Great Beginnings

This is the second page of Lesson One. Lesson One teaches the sound that "at" makes in combination with other letters. The words, "the," "and," and "on" are introduced in this lesson. There is much practice of the "at" sound, which helps "cement" this concept firmly in the student's mind.

                          What's in Level One?

   This is the first book in the Reading Logically reading program.

   Consonant sounds are introduced using alliteration and poems.

      The majority of the lessons teach the short vowel sounds,

 but there are also lessons on the "ee" sound and the "oo" sound.

                 Several consonant blends are introduced.

Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


        Is your child ready for Level Two, New Adventures?

Lesson Seventeen is filled with words that make the "oo" sound. Noon, food, too, stew, chew, boo hoo, do, mood, cool, and to, all give immediate practice in the skill taught in the lesson. In addition, several words ending in "g" help to reinforce previous lessons.