Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


This is on of several tables scattered throughout the book to help the student see the relationship of letters, and how words are formed by one, or more parts, called syllables.

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These are clues to the double "E" crossword puzzle in the Just for Fun! section of the book.  Each answer has a double "e" and there is a list of words on the same page as the crossword puzzle. The teacher will have to read a few of these clues.

From Lesson Twenty-Eight

Two-syllable words. Adding "ing" after a word does not change the pronunciation of the word. For example: In the table below, "do," "wish" and "ring" still sound the same, but the syllable, "ing" is added.

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From Lesson Thirty-Two

Sometimes, two simple words will combine to make a longer, compound word, but each simple word is still pronounced the same as it is when it stands alone. Some examples follow.


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Enjoyable Stories offer immediate practice and reinforcement!


134 pages


8 X 10

Reading Fluency

through Phonics!

Excerpts from Reading Logically
Level Two, New Adventures

This is one of the stories in a review lesson. It has several two-syllable words ending in "ing," several words where the "e" at the end of a word makes the previous vowel say its own name, and a few compound words, such as "pathway." Repetition in the story helps the student succeed.

These silly rhymes are from the Just for Fun! section of the book and help reinforce the lessons in an enjoyable manner.

In addition to the concentrated practice with words ending in "ay," there are a few two-syllable words ending in "ing," which helps to reinforce a previous lesson.

Extremely Effective for English-as-a-Second-Language Students!

                           What's in Level Two?

    This is the second book in the Reading Logically reading program.

             There are many lessons covering two-syllable words,

  the "e" on the end of a word makes the previous vowel say its name,

       compound words, consonant blends, as well as built-in review

     of the concepts in Reading Logically Level One, Great Beginnings.