Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


Seventeen Syllables

The author pairs evocative poetry with beautiful, vibrant photographs, highlighting the beauty of our natural surroundings, in this delightful book featuring thirty-eight original Haiku poems.

This poetry book is suitable for teenagers and adults. Younger children may also enjoy the lovely pictures, and the graceful Haiku.

There is one Historical Autobiography.
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Two Children's Poetry Books are now available!

Silly Little Poems  in available in English

Grandma's WigandGrandpa's Hat

is available in English or Bilingual English/Spanish.

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My Favorite Children's Bible!

This is a Scripturally-accurate Bible story book, which is beautifully illustrated, and gives Bible references for every story. We gave one to each of our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and often use it as part of a baby-shower gift. If there were any concern, it would be that Jesus, as well as the vast majority of the people, are depicted as Europeans, which they definitely were not.

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There are two "Stories from Childhood" books. Each one is a compilation of
    stories and poems from the Reading Logically series.
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