Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


What's covered in Level Five?

There is no Reading Guide for Level Five, Fine-Tuning,

but this will give you an idea of many of the concepts that are covered

 This is the fifth book in the Reading Logically reading program, and covers rather strange topics.

 Some of the Level Five word families are:

 words that end in ight, eight, aught, ought, eigh, and ein, (sight, weight, daughter, bought, neighbor, vein),

 adge, edge, idge, odge, and udge, (badger, ledge, bridge),

 ture, tural, and tual (nature, cultural, factual).

 Silent letters are covered, such as mb, mn, gn, and pn, (limb, autumn, gnat, sign, pneumonia, whistle),

 as well as words with ough. (rough, thought, bough, thorough)

 There are lessons on odd vowel combinations, such as:

 words in which both vowels are pronounced (lion, create, piano, duet, peculiar, enthusiastic),

 words in which "ea" sounds like a short "e" (leather, meadow, head),

 words in which "ie" makes a long "e" sound (believe, piece, achieve, thief), and

 words in which double "c" sounds like "ks" ).

 Many 3-,4-, and 5-syllable words are broken into syllables to assist the student.