Reading Logically

by Mary Humpal Bain     Illustrated by Lorna Humpal


What's covered in Level Four?

There is no Reading Guide for Level Four, Challenges,

but this will give you an idea of many of the concepts that are covered

This is the fourth book in the Reading Logically reading program, and continues stressing phonics and word families, building on the previous three books. More difficult concepts make this book quite challenging.

 Some of the Level Four word families are:

 words that end in atch, etch, itch, otch, and utch, (batch, sketch, pitch, blotch, crutch),

 words that end in tion, sion, (motion, friction, mission, extension),

 words that end in cious, cial, cian, tient, cient, and tial, (precious, special, Grecian, patient, cautious)

 There is expanded practice with:

 words in which "ou" sounds like "ow" in "how now, brown cow" (shouted, around, mountain, grouch, blouse, bounce),

 words with hard and soft "g," (ground, giraffe) and "gue" (guess, fatigue)

 and words that end in "le," el," or "al" (giggle, nickel, dental).

Other lessons deal with dropping the y, and adding iest, (happy, happiest).

The three sounds of "ch" (challenge, machine, chemistry) are discussed.

Many 3-, 4-, and 5-syllable words are broken into syllables to assist the student.